Buying Guide

FACTO has posted a buying guide to ensure that our customers can shop with confidence.
Please read the following information carefully before shopping.
If you have any questions that are not listed, please contact us using the inquiry form .

About goods

payment method
Credit card

We accept VISA, Master Card, JCB, and American Express.

ID payment

Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are available.

About credit cards
Number of payments

Lump-sum payment only

Security code

To prevent unauthorized use of your credit card, we ask you to enter the security code.
The security code is a 3 or 4 digit number printed separately from the credit card number. If you are unsure of the security code, please contact the credit card issuer listed on the card.

*Our website uses the SSL security system.
All of your important credit card information is encrypted before being transmitted. Please use our site with peace of mind.

About ID payment

This is a payment service provided by the Shopify online store system.
When you register your account information with Shop Pay at the time of purchase, you can save your credit card information.
The next time you make a purchase, simply enter the 6-digit Shop Pay code sent to your cell phone number via SMS, and you can easily make a purchase without having to re-enter your address or credit card information. For details, please see Shop Pay (external site) .

Apple Pay is a service that allows users to make payments by setting up their cards in the Wallet app on eligible iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and Macs.

For details, see Apple Pay (external site) .

Google Pay is a service that allows customers to make payments using credit card information registered in their Google account.

For details, please see Google Pay (external site) .

How to use coupon

Enter the coupon code in the purchase procedure screen to receive a discount and other savings. To apply the coupon code, enter the code and click "Apply".

Shipping and delivery method
Shipping within Japan
Smart letter purchase amount 1,000 yen or more Free shipping Letter pack purchase amount 2,000 yen or more Free shipping Courier service Purchase amount over 10,000 yen Free shipping
tracking service Not available Available
Delivery days About 1~3 days About 1-2 days
Chubu, Hokuriku, Kansai, Chugoku Uniform 180 yen Uniform 370 yen 880 yen
Kanto, Shinetsu, Shikoku, Kyushu 990 yen
Southern Tohoku 1,100 yen
North Tohoku 1,210 yen
Okinawa 1,430 yen
Hokkaido 1,650 yen
Note: Delivery will be by Yamato Transport or Sagawa Express.
・We will select the most suitable shipping company based on the product you ordered and the delivery destination.
・Delivery may be delayed due to natural disasters, traffic conditions, or other circumstances.
Shipping outside Japan
Japan Post tracking service Delivery days postage
USA(※) Not available about 2-3 weeks 1,110 yen
Asia 650 yen
Oceania/Central America/Middle East/Europe 820 yen
South America/Africa 950 yen
*November 2022 Due to the impact of COVID-19, this service is currently unavailable to customers residing in the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please use other shipping methods.
Courier tracking service Delivery days postage
USA/Oceania Available about 2-3 weeks ¥2,900 ~ ¥3,400
Asia ¥1,600 ~ ¥2,900
Europe/South America/Africa ¥3,400 ~ ¥6,500
Courier are delivered by Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, or EMS.
We will select the most suitable shipping company based on the products ordered and the delivery destination.
Note: Please note that delivery may be delayed due to natural disasters, traffic conditions, or other circumstances.
・This service may not be available in all countries and some regions.
・Shipping charges are in Japanese yen, but will be converted to your currency at the time of payment.
Date of shipment

Orders will be shipped within 1-7 business days from the date of order approval.

Note: The shipping date differs for each product. For details, please check the product details on each product page.
Customs duties

Customers residing outside of Japan may be subject to customs duties upon delivery.
Customers are responsible for customs duties. Please contact the appropriate authorities in your country for detailed rates before placing your order.

About returns for customer convenience

We do not accept returns or exchanges of products for customer reasons.

Defective products, incorrect delivery, and damage due to delivery

We take all possible measures to ensure the quality and inspection of our products, but in the unlikely event that a defective product is found, we will either "exchange the product for the same product" or "return the product for a refund".
The following items are subject to return or exchange.

・The product was damaged.
・The product you ordered is different from the one you ordered.
・The size of the product you ordered is wrong.
・The color of the product you ordered is wrong.

Note We cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases

・Damage due to customer negligence.
・Customer himself purchased the wrong product.
・Products that have passed the return period.
・Products that have been processed, damaged or defaced by the customer.
・Products that have been used by the customer at least once.
・ Sale items, outlet items, lucky bags

Refunds will only be available for certain products.
Please see the Refund Policy at the bottom of this page for information on eligible products.
Deadline for returns

Within 7 days of receipt of product Please contact us using the Contact Us form before returning merchandise. We will reply to you by the next business day. Please check our store information for our business days.

Return shipping

[Within Japan]
In the case of return or exchange, our shop will bear the cost.
Regarding the exchange method, we will contact you again.

[Outside Japan]
As support differs from country to country, we will inform you separately.

About refund

Only the following eligible products will be refunded.

・Handmade, hand-painted, and other products that are only available as a one-of-a-kind item
・Products that are out of stock and cannot be exchanged due to limited quantities

Refunds will be processed upon receipt of returned merchandise.
Please check below as the response differs depending on the payment method.

[For credit card payment and ID payment]
Upon receipt of the returned merchandise, we will cancel the billing to the credit card company/ID payment company.
Depending on the date the cancellation is made and the date the billing is confirmed, one of the following actions will be taken

・Canceled from the current month's billing (no billing occurs)
・Payment is incurred once and then offset or refunded at the time of billing in the following month or later.

Please note that it may take 1-2 months to receive your refund.
Please contact your credit card company for the refund date and method.