Artist Name GODTAIL
Work Name KILL YOU

Product Name Sticker

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Work description

A cool woman with a sense of cyberpunk is drawn.


L size: length about 110mm x width about 86mm


- Laminate: PET - Sticker: PET - Release paper: Paper

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Made in Japan
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Artist Profile
After graduating from the Film Department of Osaka University of Arts, joined SNK Co., Ltd. as a planner. He started his career in the game industry, and after becoming independent, cultivated his know-how in planning and design through his involvement with major game companies and game machine manufacturers.
He launched an original project called "GODTAIL", and has accumulated many achievements in a special position where he also performs design, direction, editing, advertisement, and housing design. He also worked on short movies and commercials, and established "GODTAIL Co., Ltd." in 2017.
He is good at creating works with various touches without fixing his style. He shows a wide range of activities both domestically and internationally.

■ TBS "Lincoln" OP version 2 concept art au Provided "Zakuri TV" video production
Production of Nissin Chicken Ramen "Butter Corn" movie
NHK CM Nogizaka46 "I want to see soccer" character design
■ TOYOTA GAZOORACING "Roto Bara" character design
■Real Escape Game x Meiji Village
■ Responsible for the main visual of "Imperial Hotel Manager's Great Reasoning"
■ CM production for TVer web
■ Paralympics official game character design ■Matsutoya Yumi's new song "Deep Sea Town" PV animation part production
Compass short animation project vol.4 ~Justice~ Production
Compass short animation project vol.5 ~Tadaomi Ouka~character design
■King's Raid 'Not a Dream' video production
■Opening stores at Design Festa and Anime EXPO in Los Angeles!
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