彼が求める奇跡の一枚とは【イラストレーター KENTOO 独占インタビュー】

What is the miracle he seeks? [Exclusive interview with illustrator KENTOO]

This is ZIMMA from FACTO.

What kind of thoughts do artists usually have when creating works and paintings?
Ladies and gentlemen, don't you care?
This time, it is an interview project that digs deep into one artist.

The guest is KENTOO, an illustrator who is popular both in Japan and abroad, and draws American illustrations with a ROCK taste.
We are also asking questions that have been recruited in advance, so please read it to the end!

-In search of beautiful lines-

――ZIMMA: Mr. KENTOO, thank you for your time today.

KENTOO: Thank you very much.

――ZIMMA: To begin with, are there any artists who have influenced your work?

KENTOO: When I was a child, I used to watch a lot of the works of manga artist Akira Toriyama (serialized by Dr. Slump Arale at the time) . The "it's not an American comic, but it looks like an American comic" touch touched my heart as a child, and I really loved it.

After becoming an adult and aiming for art school, I was fascinated by drawing beautiful lines .
When I was in my early 30s , I came across the work of illustrator Hajime Sorayama , and in the latter half of my life I was shocked by the works of overseas illustrator Robert McGinnis . When I found a collection of works in the foreign book section of a bookstore, I picked it up as if I was attracted to it. When I saw the contents, I was overwhelmed and thought, "This is amazing..." It was a very sensational feeling for me at the time.

The women they both draw are distinctive, and I think their muscular expressions and lines in particular have had a considerable impact on my own style.

――ZIMMA: So the roots of the beautiful lines you draw are here. The commitment is also transmitted from the work.

-color scheme of inspiration and construction-

――ZIMMA: One of the most common questions from users was about color .
How do you choose the color scheme while creating your work?

KENTOO: First of all, I decide on the main color, and then I make it so that the surroundings shine. For example, when drawing illustrations for stickers, I consciously use vivid colors so that they stand out even from a distance, or if the work has a calm or gentle impression at the rough stage, I will combine it with similar colors. The color you choose is pretty intuitive.

――ZIMMA: Do you have a favorite color among the stickers sold at FACTO?

KENTOO: I really like vivid colors, so if I draw something in the past, these two (*① and ②) are my favorites. The color is also addictive, and I personally think it's finished in a good way.

--ZIMMA: It's a pop and cute piece, isn't it? I think it's a very noticeable design even if you put it on a carry case.

※ Left ① Right ②

-I like guitars. But lately...-

--ZIMMA: In your past works, you have drawn many musical instruments, especially guitars. Do you like guitars, Mr. KENTOO?

KENTOO: I've always liked ROCK, so I like guitars because of that. I used to draw a lot. Recently, however, I have not dared to draw musical instrument motifs. I try to create works that make you feel the music, so that you can hear the sound just by looking at the picture without relying on an instrument.

--ZIMMA: I think the one that put a lot of effort into the guitar-drawing work was the collaboration work between FACTO and Ishibashi Gakki . I think it is difficult to draw musical instruments in detail, but is there anything you are conscious of?

KENTOO: It's really hard to draw a guitar in detail, so when I incorporated it into my work, I drew it deformed. That one was just right for my taste.
However, when it comes to the collaborative work between FACTO and Ishibashi Musical Instruments, I have to draw it properly. I used a model that was popular at Ishibashi Musical Instruments at the time as a motif, but I really like it, so I had a lot of fun drawing it.

――ZIMMA: It's a popular FACTO product, so maybe guitar lovers will like it and buy it .

-Music can affect the work-

――ZIMMA: After talking about musical instruments, let's talk about music. Do you have music playing while you work?

KENTOO: Basically, I play. I almost never work in silence. Genres include rock, punk , and other fast-paced, intense music. I also play techno , programming, and hardcore for maniac stuff.

Favorite artist ① Career Suicide/Attempted Suicide

Favorite artist ② The Prodigy/Invaders Must Die

Frequent artist ③ The Bacillus Brains/C・O・S・M・E

――ZIMMA: So you listen to pretty intense music. Do you have any influence on colors, moods, etc. while you are working on your work?

KENTOO: I often draw leather fashion such as leather jackets, and at that time I may be listening to ROCK a lot. The color scheme is also black with only accent colors to create a chic and cool finish. If it's a colorful work with a futuristic or cyberpunk-oriented motif, it may be that I was listening to techno .

- Be conscious of the good feeling of words. sometimes fail. -

――ZIMMA: You often have words in the background of your works. What words do you choose?

KENTOO: I often quote from the titles and lyrics of my favorite songs. For example, Michelle Gun Elephant's "Pistol Disco , " I don't really understand what it means, but there's something about it that makes you think, "It's kind of cool ." I choose and combine words that make me feel great when I say them.

--ZIMMA: Do you have a favorite word in your work so far?

KENTOO: I used the term "Girls Booty" a lot in my old works.
Literally translated, Girls means "girls" and Booty means " booty ."
However, when I went to America, I was laughed at by the local customers.
Actually, Booty in "Girls Booty" was a slang term for "buttocks" (laughs).

――ZIMMA: Even if the atmosphere is cool, you have to be careful depending on the place and its meaning (laughs).

Photos from overseas events in 2019 (left: USA/right: Hong Kong)

-Things to be aware of with stickers-

――ZIMMA: What do you keep in mind when drawing sticker illustrations?

KENTOO: As I mentioned in the question about color, the premise is that it will stand out even from a distance. It's closer to thinking of it as a design than an illustration. Ideally, it should be a product that can be easily recognized as a KENTOO illustration even if it is attached to a suitcase or a guitar, and that it is self-satisfying and wants to be shown to others.

――ZIMMA: Do you have any FACTO stickers that have a strong color?

KENTOO: I think these two points (*③・④) are good. The SS size sticker (*④) is a data version of the original stencil illustration, so the design is simple and stands out.

――ZIMMA: I would like many people to see it by pasting it on various items.

-Creating a work without spending too much time-

――ZIMMA: How long does it take you to create your work?

KENTOO: Generally, it takes about 30 minutes for rough sketches and line drawings, and about 30 minutes for colors.
I don't draw too much, I'm conscious of stopping here. I feel that drawing too much detail is not good. Even at the line drawing stage, I have a strong desire to make it a work.

Of course, in the case of work, I have to think about the client's request and atmosphere when I draw, so I think about it separately from my usual work.

--ZIMMA: Are there any FACTO products that you spent a lot of time drawing?

KENTOO: If you look at past works, it seems to be works with an analog taste.
I don't do it now, but it takes a bit of time and effort to import what I drew with a pencil and adjust and color from there. I don't do much with stickers.

-In search of a piece of miracle-

--ZIMMA: Is there anything you keep in mind when creating your works?

KENTOO: I've always wanted to draw visuals for CD jackets and record jackets, so when I draw women, I try to be conscious of the eroticism and fetishism that stirs the imagination, such as sharp parts with a ROCK taste. I am drawing.

――ZIMMA: In terms of eroticism and fetishism, I get the impression that KENTOO-san's works often depict women with a little embarrassment in their expressions.

KENTOO: That's right. I think it's more erotic to be tempted and to hide rather than to be proud.
In addition, I'm also conscious of the wrinkles that occur when the arm is bent, and the little maniac fetish parts that make you want to touch and put your hands in the gaps between the boots you're wearing.

Another thing I'm conscious of is that I'm drawing with the aim of creating a "miracle piece ."
I think that even models and idols have a photo that is a miracle, and I think that there is such a thing in illustrations, and I am pursuing it every day.

--ZIMMA: I think it's wonderful that you continue to pursue the "miracle piece" that you are convinced of . Finally, a question from a user. Don't you draw every day and get into a rut?

KENTOO: I don't feel that at the moment. Isn't it fun to draw this pose? There are still many things that I wish I could draw. My feelings of wanting to take on new challenges keep piling up, and I can't run out of things I want to draw. I will continue to draw more greedily.

--ZIMMA: I admire your hungry spirit that keeps posting your works every day.
I look forward to seeing your future works. Thank you for today.

KENTOO: Thank you.

-At the end-

What did you think?

I was able to hear a lot about KENTOO's commitment to creating works.

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