【FACTO Gallery】 5/11~15 「月会」【展示案内】

[FACTO Gallery] 5/11~15 "Tsukikai" [Exhibition Information]

Good evening!

This is FACTO's public relations department.

We would like to inform you about the events that will be held at FACTO Gallery from the day after tomorrow.

Please take this opportunity to visit the FACTO Gallery!

Also, please stop by FACTO_OSAKA while visiting the gallery.

Exhibition contents

"Tsukikai" has been held as a "group exhibition held once a month" in an exhibition project organized by Makoto Kinone since before the launch of Kinone. After that, the monthly event did not come true, and only the name was left. However, this project is an important opportunity for Kinone, as it allows us to freely handle various expressions and genres in a good way without setting any restrictions on the theme.

Date: May 11 (Wednesday) to 15 (Sunday)
Time: 12:00~18:00 (last day 17:00)

Exhibited artists: Nobuharu Asano, Mifu Oda, Kazuka, Ansai Kimura, Konishinaname, Sho, Totetsumoku, Hatae Mino, Miyuu Minamimura, Yoshiro Hashimoto, hale*, Arctic Tuna, Mineyuki, Musumime, Miyuka Yamashita・Yucca Buffalo ・Yoko ・Ryuhei Yoshida

Organizer: Cafe Gallery Kinone
URL : https://kinone.gallery

Venue: FACTO Gallery
8-27 Enoki-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka Arima Palace Esaka 2F
Please enter through the door next to Tenkaippin.

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