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【アーティスト紹介】Makiko Kodama 徹底解説!

[Artist introduction] Makiko Kodama thorough explanation!


This is ZIMMA from the FACTO Public Relations Department!

Oh my God! A new artist has joined FACTO!

This time, I would like to introduce a new artist !

Introducing illustrator Makiko Kodama !

- Who is Makiko Kodama? -

An illustrator and artist working in the suburbs of Tokyo.
Characterized by a pop, colorful, and cute style.
Produce works while valuing the world view of "Diverse and Colorful" .

Born in the United States and living in and out of Japan, he is influenced by manga, anime, ukiyo-e, psychedelic posters, colors seen in American life, and cartoon works.

In 2017, he participated in the summer residency program of the famous "School of Visual Arts" , commonly known as "SVA" in New York, USA. For about two and a half months, I have been working on illustrations at SVA's studio, and I am now.

- achievement -

In 2013, he created a beer label for the local beer "Imaike Beer" in the Imaike shopping district in Nagoya.

Source: Official website

In 2018, he was in charge of the character design of "Chiryaku Rakuryaku" (Japanese version) from Suki Games, a board game production group.

In 2019, he was in charge of the artwork for Kodansha Publishing's "Bilingual Comics Guide to Tokyo + Olympics in English" !
The content and illustrations of the manga are easy to understand, but it's wonderful that Kodama's taste comes out!

In art activities, in 2020, won the NAREU. Award at the art competition “WEGO After School Art Club 2nd SNS Art Contest” sponsored by the fashion brand “WEGO” .
The other day, at the award-winning exhibition, a POP UP exhibition was held at some stores in each prefecture of WEGO. At the Harajuku store in Tokyo, illustrator and guest judge Tsumi Koto's "GOGIIIIIIRL!!!!!!" exhibition will be held at the same time, and the exhibition will be a great success! I also had a quick glimpse at POP UP in Osaka!

In addition, we are actively exhibiting at Design Festa, Comic Art Tokyo , galleries, etc.

- My illustration point! -

here we go!
In the artist introduction, this illustration point is becoming a tradition!
For this new artist, I will explain my own recommended points!

Let's take a look at the 3 points !

■ Psychedelic coloring

There are many works with psychedelic color choices!
The colors are also highly saturated, giving the impression of being gorgeous and fun!

■ Taste of the shadow that left analog

It's a niche point, but the point is that the shadows in the digital work have a pastel-like rough expression !
It's also an element that makes it a work with warmth while giving it an analog feel.

■ Cute bulge gives POP

I would like to raise one point as a feature of Kodama,

Character bulge!

From the face to the hands and feet, it's cute that it has just the right amount of bulge!
This cuteness is one of the elements that makes the work pop, and I think it is also one of the uniqueness of Kodama's work!

At the end

How was that?

I hope you have learned about FACTO's new artist "Makiko Kodama" !

I want to know more about Kodama! I want to know the works! For those who say
Please check it out on Kodama's official website and SNS !
In addition, it seems that SUZURI also sells goods, so please check it out!

See you next time!

Good bye!

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