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[December] KENTOO, GLAMBOY, and Samukawa Masakano new stickers on sale now!

【アーティスト紹介】 KENTOOさんを徹底解説!

[Artist introduction] A thorough explanation of KENTOO!

This is ZIMMA from the FACTO Public Relations Department.

From this time on, in addition to introducing new products and campaigns in articles,
I hope that everyone will enjoy getting to know me by blogging about artists and so on!

The first time is FACTO's most popular and has a large number of works,
Introducing illustrator KENTOO! I will explain KENTOO's career and the points of illustration in my own way!

What kind of person is KENTOO?

Source: KENTOO official website

An active illustrator who lives in Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture and is still active as of November 2020.
It is impressive that there are many rock and pop illustrations that make people happy just by looking at them!

He is also active under the name of Kotaro Kita , his real name.
It seems that the KENTOO brand has a separate name in order to carry out more rock and edgy work activities.

At FACTO, more than 200 types of KENTOO illustrations have been turned into goods.
It is a writer who is also the most popular illustrator!

Joined the game company Irem Software Engineering Co. , Ltd. in 1992 (at that time, Irem Co., Ltd.).
In the company, he mainly worked as a designer, director, character design, and illustration production.

Representative works of this time were R-TYPE⊿, Zettai Zetsumei Toshi, R-TYPE FINAL, Ponkotsu Roman Daiseki Bumpy Trot , etc.
I've heard of some of his works, so I can see that he's an amazing illustrator!

After that, he became independent in 2005 and is still active as a freelance illustrator!


I have many achievements since working as a freelancer,
Illustrations of the idol group Momoiro Clover , illustrations of collaboration goods with Godzilla , Ultraman , and Evangelion , and T-shirt design of "MONKEY MAJIK" , who is in charge of the ED song for the anime "Fruits Basket " that aired in April this year. ,
In addition, he is active in a wide range of magazine cover illustrations, band album jackets, character designs, merchandise designs, and more!

And the predecessor of LIMITS Digital Art Battle , a competitive digital art battle,
He is also the first champion of DLP Battle !
After that, he has been active as a judge from LIMITS,
At the exhibition match of the LIMITS World Grand Prix held at Shibuya Hikarie in 2018,
Appearing in a collaboration show with special guest YORKE.(OLDCODEX) ,
We had a wonderful live painting performance on stage!

Also, on March 17, 2017, from Genkosha ,
She has also published a how-to book on her own illustrations called [POP GIRL SEXY POSE COLLECTION] ! This book is full of KENTOO's techniques, so it is recommended for those who want to draw pop women! I bought one too!

Pop Girl SEXY Pose Collection KENTOO/Genkosha
In addition, we have exhibited at events such as Design Festa , and are active globally, not only in Japan, but also at events in Taiwan and Los Angeles in the United States!
Information is up on SNS such as Twitter and Facebook, so I would like to meet live KENTOO! People should check it out!

My illustration point!

Now, from here on, I, ZIMMA, will introduce my own personal interpretation of the author's charm points and recommendations for people who like this sort of thing. *KENTOO's permission has been obtained.

Let's check out the points of KENTOO's illustrations!
First, let's take a look at three works!


It's SEXY~
As I mentioned earlier, many of the illustrations under the name of KENTOO are rock and edgy, and many of them are provocative and fetish.

Well, from here, I will explain three attractive points of KENTOO!

- Part 1 Posing

First of all, the various poses!
I think this is because I've been researching poses that make women look sexy!
As expected, there are times when a how-to book is published!

● Part 2 Perfect balance, not too rough and not too beautiful

Next, the addition and subtraction of this rough taste is also wonderful.
Not too neat and not too scribbled, this last-minute balance is exquisitely comfortable and the best.

●The 3 charm point is here!

Well, it's also a matter of my taste, but the most attractive point in KENTOO's drawing of a woman!

Hip? chest? face?

All are great.

However! Right out! My point!

yes! Lips !

Most of the women KENTOO draws have plump lips.
The balance of this lip is exquisitely wonderful, and it is very difficult to imitate this rough finish!

The balance of the taste with the face is also good, so it seems that the femininity and SEXY are greatly improved by these lips.

It is an illustrator who is just irresistible for lip fetish !

At the end

How was that?
Looking at this, I want to see more of illustrator KENTOO 's work! want to know more! For those who say
KENTOO's official website and SNS, please check it out!

If this article made you want a KENTOO sticker ,
Available at the FACTO online shop !
If you like it, please check it out!

We will continue to publish articles on a regular basis.
I will do my best to add to your wonderful artist life!
Thank you very much.

Good bye!

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