FACTO is a project to sell art made in Japan developed by Japanese art worker Zeami Entertainment. It consists of the finest items that incorporate the works of talented artists, such as can badges and stickers manufactured in-house, familiar products full of ideas and passion, and high-quality printed art works.

Purpose of FACTO

spread the artist around the world

The FACTO Promise

1. Supporting the activities of artists FACTO contracts directly with artists and sells items produced in-house, so much of the sales from fans can be returned to artists.
This means that a fan's item purchase will support the artist. 2. Selling products all over the world Since 2014, we have started selling items in Japan and have sold items through events and mass retailers in Taiwan and the United States. In 2020, we will start selling items online on a trial basis outside of Japan.
And from 2022, the online shop has been renewed so that fans around the world can purchase items.
We will provide fans around the world with the purchasing experience of artists contracted by FACTO in the best possible way. 3. Providing products that fans want We plan, develop, produce, and sell all the items that fans want in-house. We will continue to listen to the voices of our fans and increase the variety of artists' works and items.
The staff will work together to fulfill three promises so that FACTO will spread artists around the world and delight fans.