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L 残り 6
Work description

 Two characters from an original illustration for a solo exhibition held in 2016 were redesigned as stickers.
I redesigned two characters that appeared in my original illustrations for my solo exhibition held in 2016. This work expresses the conflict I felt at the time about my own style. Momentum or technique? Which is more important? Both are good.

ZAN05: A character who is an image of a skilled warrior with a hundred swords. He uses a variety of weapons and accumulates victories.
and accumulate victories.


L size: length about 119mm x width about 95mm


- Laminate: PET - Sticker: PET - Release paper: Paper

Other information

Made in Japan
※The image is an image.
Artist Profile
An illustrator characterized by strong lines and dark colors that mix Japanese and street culture.
In addition to activities such as goods design and live painting, his works have been introduced in art books both in Japan and overseas, showing a wide range of activities.
In addition, he is actively expanding his range of activities both in Japan and overseas, such as participating in the Digital Art Battle and a large-scale solo exhibition in China.
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