Artist Name おにぎりまん
Work Name Musical Dancer Nigichan

Product Name ステッカー 4B002

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通常価格 セール価格 $2.00 USD
セール 売り切れ
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SSサイズ:縦 約51mm x 横 約35mm
Sサイズ:縦 約73mm x 横 約49mm
Lサイズ:縦 約113mm x 横 約76mm


ラミネート:PET製 ステッカー:PET製 剥離紙:紙製

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Made in Japan

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Artist Profile
Illustrator living in Tokyo. She is good at illustrations of pop and cute girls.
She is actively working as an NFT artist and is working hard to contribute to the spread of NFT art in Japan.
She has her own original character "Nigi-chan", which is drawn in collaboration projects with her companies and artists.

2022.6 Her own NFT art has exceeded the total transaction volume of 300 ETH (approximately 50 million yen or more in October 2022 conversion) on the NFT marketplace "Open sea".
2022.8 Partnered with next-generation credit card "Nudge" and provided illustrations. It is issued as an official VISA card.

In addition, she is involved in a wide range of activities such as exhibiting at exhibitions and art events.
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