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Work description
I drew it on the theme of "street". Street fashion and culture are powerful, colorful, and unconventional, with many possibilities. It's like outer space! With that in mind, I drew a one-eyed girl running through Space Street and her friend's one-eyed dog. I have a pair of twin sisters.


L size: length about 93mm x width about 87mm


- Laminate: PET - Sticker: PET - Release paper: Paper

Other information

Made in Japan
※The image is an image.
Artist Profile
Makiko Kodama
An illustrator and artist known for his quirky pop style.
I love youkai and monsters.

In 2019, he was in charge of cartoon drawing for "Guide to Tokyo + Olympics in English" (Kodansha).
2020 Received the 2nd WEGO After School Art Club "NAREU. Award".
2021 Participated in the 2nd WEGO After-School Art Club Awards Exhibition and sold collaborative T-shirts.
2022 Released a digital stamp that can be used with the camera app "BeautyPlus".
In addition, we are engaged in a wide range of activities such as art events and exhibitions.
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