Artist Name Jia Hagimori
Work Name garden

Product Name Sticker

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Work description
A high school girl decorated with many flowers.
Falling petals may represent her feelings.


SS size: length about 50mm x width about 38mm
S size: length about 76mm x width about 57mm
L size: length about 118mm x width about 88mm


- Laminate: PET - Sticker: PET - Release paper: Paper

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Made in Japan
*The image is an image of L size.

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Artist Profile
Jia Hagimori
An illustrator from Hyogo prefecture.
Specializing in delicate touches, he often draws “students” with a sense of clarity and sorrow.
In client work, he works on various genres such as book covers, illustrations for MV (music videos), animation and character design.

2021.7 Vtuber Watame Kakumaki (Holo Live)'s original song "Otogi no Shi to Eternal Mirai" MV illustration.
2021.11 In charge of the MV illustration and animation for "Caffe Latte".
2022.4 In charge of the cover illustration for the novel "Wakare Hana Author: Kengo" (Futabasha).
2022.4 In charge of the MV illustration for Vtuber Watame Kakumaki's (Holo Live) original song "Kimiiro Hanamizuki".
2022.8 In charge of the cover illustration for the novel "The Eternal You and My 10 Rules for Dying Author: Ningen Rokudo" (Media Works Bunko).

In addition, we are engaged in a wide range of activities such as exhibiting at exhibitions and art events.
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