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Work description

I drew this on the occasion of learning about the incident in which Tottori Prefecture designated harmful books as being no longer available on Amazon.
It is based on the American Library Association's slogan, "Words have power, let's read forbidden books," which advocates freedom of the press and intellectual freedom. (The prohibited books here refer to books that have received protests from civic groups, parents, etc. to be deleted from the library.)
Even if a forbidden book or a burnt book can be blocked for a short while, I believe that intellectual curiosity cannot win in the end, so I drew it with that kind of image.


L size: length about 118mm x width about 76mm


- Laminate: PET - Sticker: PET - Release paper: Paper

Other information

Made in Japan
※The image is an image.
Artist Profile
El Pino
Illustrator / Graphic Designer
After working as a designer/illustrator at a production company and an apparel brand, became independent.
He specializes in illustrations and character designs influenced by American comics, cartoons, and designs from the 1940s and 1960s.
He is active in various media both in Japan and overseas, such as logo design, apparel brand product graphics, book illustrations, and event key visuals.
In his original works, he aims to create illustrations that convey a sense of humor and venom.
He likes beer and coffee, movies, radio and punk rock. Recently, ax throwing is my boom.
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