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Derisory girls series.
Eating such a big cake seems like a dream.


S size: length about 65mm x width about 65mm


- Laminate: PET - Sticker: PET - Release paper: Paper

Other information

Made in Japan
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Artist Profile
Shigetomo Yamamoto
Born in Wakayama Prefecture.
She develops her own world centering on the character of a girl named Monster Girl who transforms from a mushroom.
Since she was in her twenties, she has been active in music both in Japan and abroad, and based on the network she cultivated there, she started working in graphic illustration, and she continues to this day.
From her apparel brand AnnaSui (New York), she released t-shirts using her own characters for three years, some of her designs becoming top sellers.
She also develops a large number of products with character designs from Pandani (cycle and runwear brand Tokyo).
Besides, she has a wide range of activities such as exhibiting at galleries and art fairs.

Main series:
Monster girl: A girl transformed from a mushroom with the power of her dreams. She designs characters that look into the world with big eyes.
Derisory girls: Depicting the daily life of girls with the theme of cuteness.
Tofu the machine planet: Tofu-chan (an android) comes from outer space and designs various robots with girls from Earth.
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