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L 残り 15
Work description

Introducing transparent stickers that stand out with POP & sexy silhouettes!
We have updated the design that we released in the past along with changes in specifications.
Be sure to get stickers from popular illustrators.


L size: Height approx. 116mm x Width approx. 91mm


Laminate: Made of PET Sticker: Made of PET Release paper: Made of paper (white)

Other information

Made in Japan
※The image is an image.
Artist Profile
Illustrator/Character design/Art Direction
Based in Ishikawa Prefecture, he is active in a wide range of activities such as illustration production and character design. With the theme of DO THE POP!

1992 Joined the game company Irem Software Engineering Co., Ltd. Designer, director, character design, illustration production, etc. Representative works include R-TYPE⊿, Zettai Zetsumei Toshi, R-TYPE FINAL, and Ponkotsu Roman Daiseki Bumpy Trot.
2005 Independent. Currently working as a freelance illustrator.

With an illustration style that combines both the cute and sexy, KENTOO's design career started at a video game development company, specializing in areas from graphic design to character development. His work includes classic games like ""R-Type"" and ""SOS The Final Escape.""
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