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S 残り 1
Work description
GLAMBOY's cartoon series has a new member!
Being near Sandy The delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies will make you want to eat them.


S size: Height approx. 55mm x Width approx. 60mm


- Laminate: PET - Sticker: PET - Release paper: Paper

Other information

Made in Japan
※The image is an image.
Artist Profile
Apparel brand / illustrator / graphic designer

"GLAM BOY" is an apparel brand that enjoys graphics with the theme of ANIMAL x BLACK x STREET, and is also used as an individual artist name.
He also creates goods designs and CD artwork for bands and idols, collaborating with various scenes.

2013 Launched the apparel brand "GLAM BOY" with the symbol mark of a wolf.
2022 Start of second line "GLAM BOY REP LABEL". With the theme of characterization of reptiles, we develop familiar reptile items.
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